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    Be more productive.
    Accomplish more in life.

A new kind of Task Manager. Designed to help you form habits to be more productive.

done is your tool of choice if you want to overcome procrastination and establish a more productive behaviour. It is the first personal Task Manager that will actually set you up for success.

The unique, data-driven Productivity Coaching feature helps you to perform at your personal best. So you can achieve more in life.

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Get your tasks under control.
Build habits to be more productive.

Task Manager

done has been carefully crafted to make keeping your tasks organised easy and delightful.

  • Easy to use Personal Task Manager 
  • Collect and organise all your
    tasks and projects
  • Be productive where ever you are:
    done works on all your devices

Productivity Coach

Receive actionable advice that helps you improve your productivity and overcome procrastination.

  • Your personal Productivity Coach,
    right in your pocket
  • Track your progress and stay motivated
  • Receive suggestions to improve your productivity - tailored to your own needs 

Getting Things Done™

The GTD™ personal productivity system helps you to perform at your personal best, while maintaining peace of mind.

  • Learn to apply the core principles and proven tricks of the world's most popular productivity system
  • Master the GTD™ process, without falling off the wagon

Overcome Procrastination. Get Things Done.

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Begin your journey to
be more productive. Today.

Starting your path towards a more productive self has never been easier.

Take a first, simple step by downloading the app now. You will be up and running in no time.
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  • Limited access: done is currently only available for selected beta testers.

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